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2021 Jiangsu Export Online Fair (Two Wheel Station)
About Us

  Jiangsu in Brief

Jiangsu province is located along the eastern coast of China between east longitude 116°18and 121°57, north latitude 30°45and 35°20. With Yellow Sea to its east, Jiangsu adjoins Anhui and Shandong provinces in the west and north respectively, with Zhejiang province and the city of Shanghai as its neighbors in the southeast.

Jiangsu is one of the best economies in China and historically known as “a land flowing with milk and honey”. Jiangsu is also the birthplace of national industry. Since reform and opening-up, Jiangsu province has been pursuing the strategies of “invigorating the province through science and education”, serving the global economy, achieving regional common development and sustainable development. As a result, the provincial economy maintains fast growth, the degree of industrialization becomes much higher, the overall economic strength increases noticeably, and the residents’ living standard improves a lot.



Our Priorities

 1. Open Economy

2. Coastal Development Strategy

In Jiangsu, three municipalities border the yellow sea. They are namely Lian Yungang, Yancheng and Nantong. The next key step on the province’s schedule is to start a new phase of coastal development. The coastal development program has been approved by our central government. It focuses on building large ports, introducing big projects, developing major sectors of industry and finally establishing a coastal economic belt. The new phase of development, I believe, will again bring great business opportunities for enterprises at home and abroad.

3. International Manufacturing Base

Jiangsu has firm foundation in textile, machinery, electronic products, oil chemical and construction materials. Industrial Added Value takes leading place in China for years. Numerous FDI enhances Jiangsu’s advantage in manufacturing, and makes Jiangsu an international manufacturing base.

4. Industrial Agglomeration

1IT Industrial Belt along Shanghai-Nanjing Line 
2Basic Industrial Belt Along the Yangtze River 
3Industrial Belt along East Longhai Line 

5. Pro-Business Environment


Jiangsu gives priority in developing the following industrial sectors in future:


1. Modern and high-efficient agriculture


To develop high efficient, export oriented eco-agriculture, enhance general productive capability and competitiveness of agriculture so as to improve the income of farmers.


2. Equipping manufacturing


To promote the application of advanced design and manufacture, information technology and to speed up restructuring and technology upgrading mainly in the sectors of auto, shipping, engineering machinery, NC machinery tool, apparatus and other equipment with special usage.


3. Electronic information


To consolidate and improve the electronic information industry, mainly in the sectors of IC, network and communication equipment, photoelectrical display, IT home appliances, electronic car products and new electronic parts and components.


4. Biology and medicine


To speed up the application of bio-technology, to focus on the development of new vaccine, genetic engineering and modern TCM, to promote large scale business operation of animal breeding and enzymic preparation production, and to develop bio-fuel.


5. Basic material and new material


To focus on the development of traditional basic materials like special metallurgy, petrochemical and new building material, to promote the development of new materials like chemical fiber, high-molecular material, nanometer material and also olefin and aromatic hydrocarbon products. 


6. Modern textile


To improve technology and to foster brand production and to improve quality.


7. Modern service


To focus on the development of modern logistics, software, financing, business and technological service, and to speed up the development of information service, cultural industrial, tourism and real estate.


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