2021 Jiangsu Export Online Fair (Two Wheel Station)

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Company Profile Introduction

Diamondback has more than 30years history, in the 1970's , BMX bicycle are all the range in Europe and North America, moreover DIamondback is the best of them, it was in international bicycle area tip position as its unique style and design taste. In recent 20years,Diamondback group focus on promotion of DBR as a professional brand, its products sold in more than 30 countries and regions in the world, in order to improve the DBR's popularity in the world, our group setted professional racing team in Europe and the United States, Australia, etc, participate in the global and local events, our these professional racing team have take including bicycle world championships and the Olympic MEDALS.From 1998, Diamondback group was beginning to research and devolop electric bikes technology and we accumulated many experience. In 2003, our group and the overseas research institutions began to research and develop patent technology and which has applications in international legal registration and related products, and our company in the domestic sales of products also has independent intellectual property rights, and completely conform to the state of detection range. We have the confidence that with our group international and professional service level, DBR will become the symbol of quality and technology in the market

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Suzhou Damai Vehicle Co.,Ltd